Friday, November 29, 2013

5.1 Don't Troll On Me

So . . . we meet again, dear readers. 

I'd go into a long and detailed, lengthy discussion on why I've gone 2 months without updating again but . . . really, who wants to know details?

I AM however, going to tell you of the game-trolling glitches that have led us here, to this screenshot of the family all standing out on the front lawn in a pose that can only mean new neighborhood/save.

So, our current TH Kensington Goth had all sorts of well-laid plans of becoming a Master Magician and marrying his high-school sweetheart Sherri Swain in Moonlight Falls. He managed to marry Sherri and then used an elixir to turn her into a vampire because reasons.

He managed to get a job as a Magician and he could perform tricks for tips like nobody's business. But when it came time to audition for a gig, things went screwy. Both sims--Kensi and the Proprietor--would simply reset. No matter what I did. So it was with a heavy heart that Kensi gave up on being a Magician and decided to be a Tinkerer instead.

Things continued in the Goth household, with an elderly and senile Honour trying to flirt with her son's wife and failing and then embarking on a grudge-war between the two that was reaching epic proportions. The first of generation six was born, and life continued to move forward.

And then some of my sims decided they didn't want to work anymore. Honour could function just fine, but Sherri and Chimaera would just stand in one spot and only move if a need was critical. In my grand and oh-so-smartie-pants attempts to fix this problem, I accidentally deleted the latest save.

All of that forward-moving progress? The 100+ screenshots worth of progress? All gone.

So now here we are. Honour and Chimaera are still Adults, Kensington has just become a Young Adult, and is still unmarried without offspring. Silver lining? They're standing in a fresh neighborhood of Midnight Hollow and the weird autonomy glitch is no more. Gigs still won't work though, so Kensi's lifetime wish has been changed to Street Credible--which is to get maxed in the Street Art skill and create 7 masterpiece murals.

Across the street, his elder siblings Jocelyn and Ichabod--and Ichabod's vampire wife Kendrah--have arrived in Midnight Hollow safe and sound as well.

Having just lost a crap-ton of progress in the family addition department, I was wasting no time in getting Kensi married and procreating once again. Sherri is no more, but I think I've found a suitable replacement.

Half the residents have a weird skin-glitch where they look like they're vampires but they aren't. I dunno. My game just likes to twerk my OCD I guess.

Despite heart-farting all over Olive Specter, our actual target was the pink-clad Kara Carter.

Kensi isn't messing around, pelting Kara with a best-friends elixir rather than waste precious time schmoozing. We have babies to remake, dammit!

Thanks to a little liquid courage, Kara is quite receptive to Kensi's flirtations thereafter.

Going in for the kill!


Then I had him try out the new Dip Kiss interaction and he proved to be dapper as sh*t while doing it.

What's that you say? Why am I having him propose to her after only knowing each other for 3 sim hours and still standing on the side of the street?

Because REASONS.

Thankfully Kara was just as eager to become a part of the Goth Household of craziness.

Let the street-side wedding commence!

KENSI - I can't believe you just made me do all that. So much for romance. *grumble grumble piss & moan*

Don't be a sore-loser winner Kensi.

Officially a member of the family now in 0.8 seconds (a new Lynnwood simming record ladies and gentlemen!) Kara Goth's stats are as follows ; She's an Inappropriate, Excitable, Natural Cook who's also a bit of a Slob and Daredevil. Her favorite music is Classical, favorite food is Fish and Chips and her original favorite color was Blue, but I changed it to Pink because of MOAR REASONS. I feel no guilt nor shame.

Meanwhile, our former TH was back at home autonomously making a painting. I forget what Chimaera was doing but apparently it wasn't very noteworthy, cause I missed getting a shot of it. XD

Arriving back on the home lot, we're greeted with a randomly-spawning Time Machine.

Kensi does what anyone would do when faced by a strange and possibly dangerous artifact from without space and time.

He pokes it with his foot.

KENSI - Curious.

EMIT - *photo-bombing from across the street*

EMIT - Why halloooo there present sim!

KENSI - Hey, weren't you just across the street--?

EMIT- SH-H! You saw nothing!

EMIT - Here you are, have a time almanac thingy! And once you're done picking up my fuel capsule garbage that I just barfed all over your lot, you're welcome to travel into the future to see me!

KENSI - Yeah, thanks . . . I'll get right on that.

I might send him into the future eventually, if just to check out the descendants, but not right now.

Back inside, Kara is settling in by challenging Chi to a video game. They look to be getting along nicely.

Honour finished her painting, which totally looks like a rastafarian version of herself and I <3 it.

Finished with the time traveler, Kensi asked Kara out to the family photobooth for some history-making.

. . . and baby-making . . .

KARA - Maybe we should post that on the internet!

KENSI - Maybe I should just rip this up and pretend like it never happened? Yeah, I like that idea better.

Seeing this picture clued me in that something was wrong with Kara's skintone.

A quick peek into CAS confirmed my suspicions. For some reason the game was pretending she was a vampire even though she wasn't. And I didn't have the option to change her into a vamp or cure her of vampirism either.

I finally gave up and saved her to the bin, then MC-Annihilated her and placed a clone into the house. Lo and behold, no more vampire skin. Thanks to Nraas mods I repaired all the damage (re-married her to Kensi and re-pollinated as well as fixed her skill levels and work level). 

The game is TRYING to troll me, but I refused to be beaten!

With that settled, Kensi gets started on his street art skill. I've cleaned out what used to be the alchemy room, so our TH has plenty of floor and wall space to practice on without the threat of getting arrested.

CHIMAERA - I must continue to practice! I will not be beaten!

HONOUR - Really Chi? Really?

Good-Guy-Genie Kensi summons some of his wife's favorite--fish and chips--to go along with his hot dogs.

The wife herself was outside working on her back-swing.

Just a shameless excuse to show off her pajamas. I left the outfits the same, just recolored them to fit in with the Goth theme.

Our first night in Midnight Hollow was a full moon, and Chimaera decided to bond with some of the zombies.

While Honour had to shoo this peeper away from our windows. Creepy, dude. Major creepy.

What's this? Tummy ickums? 


Plenty of ghosts made an appearance that night too. Beau and Caitlyn battle it out while Mortimer enjoys a good book.

While Cornelia . . . forgets how to be a ghost. O_o

And Jarrod gets himself a class of juice.

CHIMAERA - See Honour?! Dangit, I told you I needed to practice!

HONOUR - Oh my.

KARA - Pwned.

STARLIGHT - This is mine. All mine. 

The kitty is still around, and still adorablez.


Dammit Honour! She randomly decides to ice-blast the sink.

Most of the time Kara can be found glued to the computer, making 'Inappropriate Forum Posts.' I found this rather amusing, if boring after a while.

Kensi is still tagging away, with his mom cheering him on now and then. In her bathing suit because why not.

Kara is a Pastry Chef in the culinary career track. She went to work that afternoon, but then cancelled after a few hours. The reason why?


And then, freshly pregnant, she decides to jog all the way home in ankle-boots. Only the sims.

HONOUR - Your technique is garbage.

KARA - Wut?!

Kensi and Chi have much more important things to worry about. Like hot dogs.

And then a wild elder birthday appeared! Honour was excite!

Not for long tho.

HONOUR - What's this crap?! Do not want!

And since I want them to stay the same, I forced Chimaera to have his elder birthday too, in the bathroom because we like to keep it classy here in the Goth household.

He too is less than thrilled with it, but we all must face the elder stage eventually.

DAMMIT HONOUR! Cut that out!

KENSI - Sexytimez nao plz?

KARA - I thought you'd never ask!

While rushed and kinda forced upon them, I rather like Kensi and Kara. They're pretty cute together. Plus, their names both start with K. It was destiny, I tell you.


Now that he can make murals I decided to have Kensi go spray up Simagon Alley for a change of pace.

While, back home, Chimaera randomly decides to accuse Kara of impropriety. I guess 'cause he caught her making another inappropriate forum post?

Then she went and did this. -_-

You're just making his case for him, dear.

Chi was soon distracted by playing in the waterfall, though. The pool is his new favorite thing. In fact, he loves staying in so long that he gets fatigued and starts threatening to drown. I think he's determined to give me my first accidental death. >_<

And where was our former TH throughout it all? 

In the hot tub, in her outerwear, giving absolutely no f*cks. None at all.

Welp, that's it for this installment. We're keeping our fingers crossed that the next one won't take TWO MONTHS. >_< Until then, as always, happy simming!


Self Wetting : (24) -120
Passing Out : (21) -105
Failing School : (0)
Game-Forced visit from Police, Firefighters or Babysitters : (0)
Accidental Deaths : (0)
Social Worker Visit : (0)
Cheat Penalty : (1) -10

Every Birth : (8) +45
Twins : (2) +20
Triplets : (0)
Fulfilling LTWs : (6) +60 
NTH Spouse Reaching Top of Career : (1) +5
Every Honor Roll : (5) +25
Randomizing every LTW and trait for an entire generation : (3) +30
Not Using Spares Lifetime Happiness points for an entire generation : (4) +40
Every 100,000 simoleons earned : (4) +80
Painting of Torch Holder (1) : +5

TOTAL = +75 

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